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Skip Hire, a Man with a Van or a Trip to the Tip, it’s your choice.

Skip Hire, a Man with a Van or a Trip to the Tip, it’s your choice.

A visit to the Council Tip, Skip Hire or a Man with a Van are the popular options when you have waste or recyclable stuff to move, but all have pros and cons to each, which service is the most suitable for your requirements. 

Disposing waste from your home can sometimes cost quite a lot of money, just how much depends on what you have and how you decide to dispose of it. 

There are a few things to consider when you are faced with the task of clearing away waste or rubbish, first thing is what kind of waste is it, is it heavy and hard work to move or is it even hazardous, these days nothing is straight forward especially when it comes to waste.  

See below the pros and cons for each of the popular services:  

Take it to the Household Recycle Centre or Tip 

A visit to your local council Tip (Household Recycle Centre) can be totally free but it does depend on what items you have, for instance all local councils now charge for certain waste and some vehicles to use the service even if its waste from your home. Things like Rubble, Bricks, Tiles are all chargeable items at the Tip. Usually, a charge per bag or rubble sack is applied and it varies quite a lot depending which local council covers your area.  

Council charges and conditions vary from place to place, some councils only accept small amounts of chargeable waste and some will accept entire van loads. From £2.60 a bag and £50.00 per van in the North to £4 per bag and £120 per van in the South and everything in between. 

As an example, Leeds City Council in Yorkshire charge £2.60 per bag of rubble or soil etc but Kent County Council in the South of the UK charge their residents £4 per bag of the same, all councils have a tariff-based scheme where prices change for the different waste types.  

The Pro’s to using your Local Council Tip are that its usually much cheaper than a Skip or a Man with a Van as it can be free and you are only charged for inert waste you take in. 

The Con’s are that you have to physically sort the waste yourself, you also have to take it to the Tip in your own vehicle and the charges are sometimes complicated to work out, some Tips are advance booking only. 

Skip Hire 

Skips come in all different sizes. Most skip companies will ask you what you intend to put in there and will adjust the price accordingly if needed. Just like the council, some private skip companies will charge more for rubble and inert waste than they would for old furniture or general waste.  

Skips are convenient if you have the space to put it near your property. Usually, the skip company is happy to leave the skip for about a week and longer can be negotiated if needed. This makes loading time a little bit less of an issue as you can load it when you please.   

The cost of a skip varies on the size you need, what you intend to put in it and also where you intend to store the skip while you load it. A small skip will start at around £120 up to £500 for a large one. 

All Local Councils charge a permit charge to leave a skip on a public road or public land. The skip company will usually add this charge to the cost and pay the council direct. If the skip is to be sited on private land like a driveway or garden then there is no permit required so no extra charge.  

Pro’s to a hiring a skip are that you can choose the size you need so you only pay for the space you fill, you can take your time to fill it and there is little or no sorting needed, you don’t have to physically take the waste to the Tip, just fill the skip and its job done.  

Con’s to Skip Hire are You have to physically load the skip yourself; you could have to pay a permit to just have it outside your house, a skip of rubbish outside your house for up to a week is not ideal for you or your neighbours. Skips can be expensive to hire compared to prices Local Councils charge. 

A Man with a Van waste removal 

A Man with a Van waste removal service for household waste or rubbish removal is quite a new concept for many areas. This is by far the easiest way to get rid of unwanted waste from an effort point of view as there is no labour, no lifting or no carrying required from the customer, the collection staff do all the work for you. It would be expected that the waste is piled up and ready to be collected but usually no pre- sorting is required. 

Just like Skip Hire, a Man with a Van waste removal services are usually private companies and not connected to the local council. If you have waste to get rid of you can simply call the local company and arrange a collection or quote. Some companies will ask for photos of the waste so they can quote accurately in advance as well as work out how big a van or van space you would need. For this service, the Man with a Van would usually load the van with all your waste which is perfect if the rubbish is heavy, messy or you don’t want to, or are unable to load the van yourself.  

Man with a Van charges vary from city to city and company to company. This service can be competitive or sometimes slightly higher in comparison to skip hire but you are getting staff labour included too so it’s worth considering as an option. 

Pro’s to using A Man with Van waste removal service are that you don’t have to handle the waste at all as staff load the van, its competitive with a skip hire, the rubbish is loaded and taken away at the same time, you can usually get a ‘part van price’ to save money on smaller amounts, it’s a personal service. 

The Con’s to using Man with a Van service are few, apart from this service costing considerably more than local councils charge it seems the easiest and least effort solution to disposal of your waste. 

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