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Earn Rewards by Recycling Crisp Packets with Walkers and TerraCycle

Earn Rewards by Recycling Crisp Packets with Walkers and TerraCycle

Approximately 6 billion packets of crisps or potato chips are produced each day in UK, this in turn generates a lot of waste crisp packets to dispose of safely. Thankfully Walkers crisps have teamed up with leading plastics recycling company TerraCycle to do just that, provide a recycling solution for all brands of crisps packets.

In this article we provide information about the fantastic recycling scheme that really can earn cash for your charity, school or organisation with the TerraCycle points rewards scheme.

Crispy fact! Six billion packets of crisps are produced worldwide every day!

The UK is a nation of potato crisps lovers, it’s hard not love them when there are so many flavours and types to choose from. Crisps, or (potato chips) depending or where in the world you live, are a staple and a regular snack in our packed lunches and in salads etc. enjoyed by the masses.

Here in the UK one of the biggest producers of our favourite crispy snacks is Walkers, with a 56% market share they churn out a whopping 11 million bags a day using around 800 tons of potatoes.

Walkers have long since recognised the impact of waste packaging on the environment and have searched for a solution to keep their product fresh and tasty whilst reducing waste to landfill which is why they are committed to producing 100% recyclable, compostable biodegradable packets by 2025. In the meantime they have partnered with leading recycling company TerraCycle to raise much needed funds for charities and schools etc.

A Quick look at the materials

Crisps or Chips packets are made from a special plastic that is carefully chosen to ensure the product reaches the customer as fresh and tasty as possible, this plastic often has a special coating on which, until recently has not been totally recycled as it could be within the recycling process, with many tonnes of this waste finding its way to landfill sites mixed within general waste.

The Walkers Recycling Scheme in association with TerraCycle has provided a solution to the problem.

How does the Recycling Scheme work?

You can recycle all brands of crisp packets under the scheme and there are two great ways you can get involved in this recycling scheme.

One option is to provide a drop off/collection point at your school, community centre, business, shop or office, or another is to simply be a donator/collector who collects packets to deliver to a drop off point.

Arrange a Public Drop off/ Collection point for recyclable packets.

It’s really simple to get involved. All you need to do is contact TerraCycle by visiting their website and register yourself as a drop off collection point. You will find info and downloadable promotional stuff on the website too. You can use any cardboard box to bulk up your crisp packets ready for collection.

To keep running costs to a minimum you will need to collect around 8kg (16000 packs) of empty packets every six months. You should only apply if you are confident you can accumulate this amount.

Private Collector/Donator

All you need to do is bulk up any empty packets you can collect, you can send them direct to TerraCycle (min 5kg) or if you can take them along to your nearest public crisp packet recycling collection point. You can still generate rewards but TerraCycle only pay points to public collection points, so you if you send packets direct to TerraCycle you can nominate the recipient of any reward points you generate as long as they are registered with the recycling program.


TerraCycle offers 100 TerraCycle points for each kilogram of packets they receive but there is a minimum collection of 5kg if you are a private collector/donator and 8kg for administrators of public drop of points.


2 kilograms = 0 TerraCycle points (must reach min quota)

5 Kilograms = 500 TerraCycle points

8 Kilograms = 800 TerraCycle points

Once you have sent in the plastic crisp packets for recycling your account will be credited with the points you have raised based on the weight or number of recyclable packs you have sent in. These points can be redeemed on the TerraCycle website for a cash payment to a non-profit organisation, charity or school of your choice.

Its great way to earn money for good causes whilst recycling and doing your bit to preserve the environment.

Anyone can get involved, why not set up a collection point in your office or encourage the local schools to get involved, most people just throw their empty packets in the bin without a second thought, now thanks to Walkers and TerraCycle your waste can be put to good use and generate funds for a good cause.

Is there a Recycling centre near me?

There is currently 3,794 collection points in the UK and at the time of writing 46,340,625 units of waste recycled. Visit The TerraCycle website to find you’re nearest collection or drop of point.

“Walkers are a global company owned by the Pepsi brand and operate under different brands around the world such as Lays”.

“TerraCycle is a global recycling company offering free recycling programmes funded by brands manufacturers and retailers including some of the world’s best known brands”.

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