Get Cash For New And Old Clothing

Cash for Clothes is a simple but effective way of recycling unwanted clothes. Most government run recycling facilities have collection points where you can send jumpers, jeans, T shits, shorts, and shoes etc, all types of unwanted clothes can be reused through a cash for clothes recycling process.

There are lots of private companies and charities that utilise clothes recycling to generate funds or make profits and provide a recycling solution for unwanted clothes.

Companies that collect and process clothes often have working associations with local charities to collect surplus clothing on behalf of the charity with proceeds shared or donated. They will often use movable recycling bins or pods that can be conveniently located around local area’s making them easily accessible to the public. Community Centres, Pub car parks, Supermarket car parks, Schools and even Council Recycling Centres are all ideal locations for clothes recycling bins.

Some Cash for Clothes companies offer payment direct back to the recycler, you can simply bag up your old clothes and take them along to the company to be weighed and if the clothes have recycling value, then money is paid for your old clothes. So instead of giving your old clothes to a charity you can earn money by using local cash 4 clothes schemes.

Lots of types of clothing can be recycled and as with many recycling processes, there are different ways of processing clothes etc through the recycling scheme.

Why do companies pay cash for clothes?

As with lots of things in today’s society clothes are often bought in surplus amounts, the season changes and clothes go out of fashion, some wardrobes are literally stuffed full with items of clothing seldom worn, some of these clothes will be suitable for resale as a garment or item and some will be just old clothes that no one really wants. Cash for clothes companies will usually separate the clothes into these two main waste streams where re-usable clothes will be sold in vintage fairs or jumble sales but the majority of the clothes collected will be broken down back into reusable fibres to be used elsewhere in the manufacturing industry.

Recycling old clothes is a good way to earn money for you or to help a charity, to find a local Cash for Clothes outlet see here.

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