Vegetable oil or cooking oil recycling can often be done through the standard curb side recycling program. Some areas have waste food collections bins for food recycling, if you live in one of these areas then small amounts of waste vegetable oil can be recycled this way. Simply seal your waste cooking oil into a bottle or jar and put it out with the waste food collection.

Do not put waste cooking oil in jars or bottles and then into the standard recycling bin it must go with food waste.

Vegetable oil and cooking oils should never be poured down the sink or drain, this will cause blockages if not in your home then further along the sewer network.

If you don’t have curb side collections for food waste or if you have larger amounts to dispose of then you can take it along to your local household recycling centre where you will find a special drum or container where you can tip your waste cooking oil, some dumps allow you to drop waste vegetable oil off as long its in sealed containers that are clean and safe to handle.

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