You can recycle old shoes by simply passing them onto someone who will wear them. Its the easiest form of recycling footwear. If they are in good condition you can take them along to a local charity shop. Charities can raise funds by reselling decent quality footwear but they must be clean and wearable.

Some local areas have shoe and boot banks located with other recycling stations like bottle banks. Some of these shoe collection banks are operated on behalf of charities by private companies or by local councils and authorities.

If your old shoes or boots are beyond use they can still be recycled, some companies collect high quality but worn shoes to re-sole and repair them and hand them out to people in need or low incomes.

You can also take your unwanted or old boots and shoes to the nearest household waste recycling centre where you will find a shoe bank or skip designated to collecting of footwear for recycling.

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