Old freezers are classed as hazardous waste due to the refrigerant gas contained inside the fridge unit. This gas is pumped around the appliance and used to keep your food cool. The gases in old freezers have to be removed and collected professionally.

Freezer recycling is simple process for the end user. Usually the retailer you purchase your new appliance from will offer a recycling collection at the same time as they deliver your new one. Once your old freezer has been collected it will be sent to a freezer recycling plant to be dismantled and recycled correctly.

You can usually book a curb side collection of your old appliance by contacting your local council or authority. Old freezers can be dangerous to children and animals when left unattended so If you leave an old freezer outside for collection be sure to remove the doors and seals for safety reasons.

You can also recycle your old freezer by taking it to your nearest household recycling centre or tip near you. Local recycling facilities usually have a skip or container where old waste freezers are collected ready to be sent to the fridge recycling factory.

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