Fluorescent tubes are found in some strip light fittings in many offices, homes, factories and industrial areas.  Fluorescent tube light bulbs are classed as hazardous waste due to the contents of the tube. Professional recycling is very important as this type of light bulb cannot be disposed of in your standard general waste or recycling bins.

Care should be taken not to break these bulbs and release the harmful materials inside as it is hazardous to health.

Recently lots of this type of fluorescent light fittings have been replaced by modern LED lighting but there are still lots in use. If you have this type of fitting and have to replace a bulb then the supplier will often offer to take your old tube for recycling.

If the supplier does not offer a fluorescent tube recycling service then you can take them along to the recycle centre near you. Boxes or skips for fluorescent tubes and bulbs are available at most household waste and recycling sites.

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