Engine oil recycling is not something that everyone will need to do on a regular basis. When you take your vehicle to be serviced at a garage the company will usually drain your old oil and bulk it up on site and then send it along to an oil recycling plant to be repurposed.

If you do carry out your own vehicle services and have waste engine oil to recycle you cannot put old oil into your general waste or standard home recycling bins.

Waste engine oil and other old oils can usually be recycled at your local council or authority recycling facility or tip. Used engine oil must be sealed into containers that are safe to handle and not too heavy.

It is worth checking with the recycling centre near you to be sure that site accepts waste oil before you visit the site. Once you arrive at the facility you will see either a waste oil bank for you to empty your oils into or a special skip or container where you can drop off your containers full of oil.

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