Small appliance recycling is covered by the European WEEE Directive which means that any small appliance with a plug fitted or any item that takes batteries in use is not recyclable with your general waste or standard home recycling scheme. These items can not be sent to land fill sites.

Your local household waste Recycling centre will have a process to handle all WEEE waste, usually you will find special skips or containers where you can drop of your small electrical appliances for recycling. Small appliances will cover many items such as TV’s Radios, Kettle, Mobile Phones or anything that uses electric or power to operate.

Small Appliance Recycling will not cover Fridges, Freezers air condition units, these items area separate waste stream but are still recyclable at most recycling centres.

Apparently over 170 thousand electric items are purchased each year in the UK alone which makes Small appliance recycling an important thing to do. Electrical appliances contain all kinds of electrical components and materials that can be reused or recycled.

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