Cardboard is widely used in homes and businesses throughout the world. Its low cost to produce and has a variety of uses. Its easy to reuse or recycle cardboard products. Cardboard is used in so many everyday items and is ideal material for food and general packaging.

There are other types of cardboard that we find on a daily basis. Most are made from the same or similar material, pulped paper fibres. They have very different uses in our homes and businesses.

Packaging we see in things like TV’s or parcel boxes are standard cardboard boxes. They are made up of a three ply corrugated cardboard. This comes in various sizes grades and thickness and is used in the making of regular cardboard boxes. These can easily be recycled at your local recycling facility.

Another cardboard product is paperboard. Its made from smaller pulped fibres and is usually only one layer thick or single ply. Paperboard products can be recycled too. It's often used in food packaging like breakfast cereals and many other food and retail items. Usually paperboard is grey inside and printed on the outer.

Cardboard is an easy product to recycle. It makes sense to do so. Usually councils or local authorities will provide a recycling bin for waste card board to your home or business. All council local authority run Tips and household waste sites will accept Cardboard for recycling.

Most cardboard boxes, card and cardboard based products can be recycled at your local recycling centre. To find your local recycling centre or household waste site use our search box or use the listings below:

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