Book Recycling

Books can usually be recycled in the same way as every day paper products. Waste books fall into the general mixed paper category along with magazines and other printed paper. Old books can be broken down to a pulp and reused to make pulp for new paper products. Usually paper manufacturers can use about 20% of used recycled paper pulp mixed with fresh pulp to make brand new paper.

Old books should only be recycled by way of shredding as a last resort usually, when they have come to the end of their useful life. There are many reasons a book would reach the stage where it’s ready for shredding, out of date study books, old telephone books, out of date printed catalogues, security sensitive items are all books that need to be recycled by shredding.

Other books such as novels and story books, up to date study books, encyclopedias and many other types of useful books should never be destroyed unless it’s absolutely necessary. These kind of books hold knowledge or information, a good story is often timeless and can be passed on to many readers so these kind of books should be recycled by reuse and not destroyed by shredding.

Recycling Books to Reuse

A decent book is far too valuable to be simply shredded or thrown away. The best way to recycle a good book that is in tidy condition, with all its pages intact and a clean copy is to simply pass it on to another reader. Share the knowledge or joy of a good thriller with someone else, books can be passed from person to person and reused or recycled many times making a book one of the most popular recycled items.

Book Recycling Bins

Many local councils or local authorities will have a book bin or collection box where you can drop of your unwanted books for recycling. It’s worth calling ahead to be sure as not all sites have book recycling for reuse so you may be directed to another site with your unwanted books.

Charity Shops

Charity shops are a firm favourite for many book recyclers. Dropping your unwanted books off at the charity shop not only gives them a new lease of life with a new owner but it also allows your chosen charity shop to make a little bit of revenue by selling on your books to other readers.

Jumble Sale or Garage Sale

Another way of reusing your unwanted books is to take them along on to a local jumble sale or garage sale, it’s a great way to reuse books and pass them out to another reader to enjoy, plus a visit to a jumble sale or yard sale is an ideal opportunity for you to maybe pick up some used books that you may not have read yet.

Selling Books

You can always sell your unwanted books online. There are many websites now where you can sell your books fir cash or credit against a new book. Top selling books and popular books often have a resale value more than what you would expect to get at a jumble sale or yard sale.

Whichever method you choose to recycle or reuse your old and unwanted books it is still recycling, to send good quality books to landfill or to the shredder is such a waste, so you can be confident that recycling, reusing or reselling is a positive and important thing to do.

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