Your local council or local authority will have a bin or skip at your nearest household recycling facility where you can take along your empty and part used aerosol cans for recycling. The waste aerosols will be sent to an aerosol recycling station that will empty the contents safely and recycle the can for its metals etc.

Apparently over 600 million aerosol cans each year are used in the UK alone. That’s a big number which is why aerosol recycling is an important thing to do. A big difference can be made by simply recycling your used aerosol tins. We use many products that are contained in an aerosol cans, the list is vast. These products are stored within the can under pressure of an aerosol gas that forces out the product when you press the cap, this gas and waste product needs to be removed safely.

Used Aerosols cans can usually go into your general recyclable waste bin if they are empty where they will be sorted and recycled, but if they are full or have some product left in them they should be recycled separately by taking them to your local recycling centre.

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